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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Project LOVE!

Kayla Participated in "Project Love". Here was her service...
A couple weeks ago, as we began our Christmas shopping, I was explaining to my 3-year old son that there are many little boys and girls who don't have any toys at all.  He decided he wanted to pack up a bunch of his toys to give to those little boys and girls.  He was so excited to help out!  He kept saying, "I definitely want to give THIS toy to a little boy or grill so they can have toys too!"  It filled my heart with joy to see my little toddler grasping the concept of following Christ's example and giving freely without hesitation.  I attached a picture of my little guy sitting next to the large bag of toys and stuffed animals he chose (all by himself) to take to the Road Home homeless shelter in Salt Lake City.  I am very excited to have him go with me to donate them.  :)

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