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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Project LOVE!

My Friend Cristil over at....
Participated in my Project LOVE! She spread the LOVE by....
This year for our families “Project LOVE” we dropped off 55 handmade picture frames today to the Mission Hospital NICU where Miya & Bode were born.
It was so weird walking back up to the NICU after all these months.
We made picture frames that the NICU nurses could add the babies photo to
and send down to the family’s hospital room when they were unable to visit their baby or babies. They did this for us and we were forever grateful and felt very loved during such a difficult time. Wishing all of the NICU families a Happy Holidays… xo
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  1. Ahhh Thank you Kathy... I love it. Happy Holidays! xoxo

  2. Love that! My kids were born at Mission Hospital. It's a wonderful hospital and I'm so glad she paid if forward to so many families.