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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Etsy Trading....

I am having a baby boy in July! For some reason this pregnancy is flying by. Maybe chasing a 3 year old around, buying a house, and running a business makes the time fly by faster. He is a very active little guy, always kicking me! I'm always hungry these days. Baby Center said my baby is about 12 inches head to toe and weighs a little over a pound.... where did the other ten pounds come from? haha It will fall off right after I have the baby right? I am still working on my baby weight from when I was born:) haha. I can't complain, there is nothing I want more then to have a big baby belly! Some days I just get teary because I have wanted this so bad and it just doesn't seem real. I am just so thankful to Heavenly Father. I will NEVER take getting pregnant and having a baby for granted again!

Anyway, one benefit of running an ETSY shop is trading services with other etsy sellers! I love surfing etsy, so many talented people. I have gotten a few things by trading my design services for baby things and have a few more coming! Love it! I defiantly get the better end of the deal! Here are a few things I have gotten......

A cute carseat canopy from the Crafty Mom's in Cedar city.

Some really cute burp cloths and blanket form the Red Pistachio

These carseat straps from Valley Momma

This cute fabric from Beyond weddings. I have some ideas of things I want to make with it!

and this from the Little Munchkin Boutique!
Trading is so great! Can I ask why there is always twice as many girl clothes and shoes than boy stuff? And only like 10% of the boy stuff is cute? Whats up with that? Makes me have to search harder!

So if you have an etsy shop and would like to trade, I'm all ears:)


  1. I agree 250%. Having three boys of my own it gets really hard finding cute boys thigs. There are always, always, always so many cute things for girls. It's even hard finding boy wrapping paper, my mother in law recently had gifts for my sons wrapped at a department store and no boy options. What's up with that? You've inspired me to come up with some cute boy accessories, I've noticed some really cute boy fabrics recently.

  2. Stumbled onto your blog from a friend's :) Super cute designs!! I would love to be a designer! :) You have a fun job!

    Also, I *totally* agree about boy clothes! I had my first baby on Christmas Eve '09 and have a hard time finding him things that I like. However, there were two craft blogs (I don't know if you've heard of either of them) that did a "Celebrate the Boy" all of February. It's full of *great* craft ideas for little boys as well as logs of clothes patterns. One blog is Made - and the other is Made by Rae - They both have links to the entire month of posts on the left sides :)

    Good luck!