This site is a collection of all of my work, both commercial work and work I do on a personal level for family and friends. These designs are not for sale but already have owners. Please find my shop HERE to make a purchase. If you see a logo design you like just write down the name to give me an idea of your style. Thank you and looking forward to working with you!

Friday, May 8, 2009

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  1. are fabulous at this STUFF!!! I love looking at what you have been doing. I talked w/ your sister Julie at the Women's Conference today. She is great! I just wanted to get in touch w/ you about some Birthday announcements for my Carter. As well as a Blog Design/Etsy Banner Design.

    I probably need to e-mail you. But You do so well, I NEED your services. I have a small business as well, making bags/burp cloths/nursing covers/and much more that is still in my head yet to be designed. I love how your blog looks. I have an etsy shop as well and I need a banner designed too...maybe even tags for my bags. OK, I know this seems like a lot...but I will send an e-mail of exactly what I am looking for. We will be in touch.